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You are searching for a product?
Please enter your searchstring into the input-field named "Product Search" on top of the page. Click "Go" to start the search.
If you enter more than one word, you should separate the words with a space. Searchstrings with more than one word are logically connected with OR.

What does the "Savelist" do for you?
The "Savelist" stores all articles you are especially interested in, so you can view them whenever you are comming back to our site. Just click on the link named "Save This" to put an article on your Savelist.

How to request an offer for our products
If you are a reseller and would like to order articles, just do it the easy way. Put all products you are interested in on your Savelist (by using the Product Search - if you know the article name or number please enter them). Then click on the link named "Request an Offer". You may specify your needs in terms of size, number of articles etc. Fill out our personal details form and click send.
We will send you our offer as soon as possible by mail or fax. If necessary we will contact you by phone to check further details.

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