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A trained sales and marketing team gives our customers advice. Beginning with L+D products and promoting services, we try to help you selling them with our own Plus-program, which is for us naturally... more

Leipold + Döhle offers you more than good products. We support the trade wherever we can, for instance from displays to selling-support, but we also offer you a complete DIY-system... more

What becomes more important on a free market is quality control by material standards. L+D takes up these demands by arranging most of our products according to the “Personal protection equipment (PPE)”... more

We buy our products worldwide. With the observation of the global market, we continuously try to put cost-saving and high quality standard products in the market... more

We are present. A initiative of the ANFI to the application of social standards in the production countries is a definite announcement against forced - and child labor for us. more

Steady quality and the compliance with high standards is our aim. Leipold + Döhle is actively working in leading associations... more

Now you are informed about some main points of our company philosophy: great products, qualified employees and a clever sales- and logistic system as well as the support of our retailer on the market... more

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